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Self-shielded Cored Wire Torch

Usage: Self-shielded flux-cored wire welding torch for long distance pipeline welding.

Features: Large cross-section of cable, suitable for large current and long time welding; welding torch switch and attenuation switch are designed with waterproof and dust-proof, long service life and high reliability.


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Main Technical Parameters

Model MOG-350
Product code Four billion two hundred million and ten thousand
Rated welding current 350A
Rated Load Persistence Rate 60%
welding silk Self-shielded flux-cored wire
Suitable for wire diameter Phi 2.0mm
Cooling mode Air cooling
Ambient air temperature -40~55 C
Altitude 4000m
Protection level IP33 (Conductive Nozzle IP03)
weight 3.8kg

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