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A-300X Single Torch Automatic External Pipeline Welding System

Function:It is suitable for root pass, hot pass, filling and capping of pipe joint welding with GMAW and FCAW-GS welding processes in the field.

Configuration:welding head (left handed and right handed), adapter, control cables, track (optional), welding power source (to be selected according to specific welding process)


Product characteristics

  • 01Chinese/English/Russian language interface;
  • 02Designed with automatic vertical and horizontal arc tracking to reduce welder’s operation difficulties and labor strength;
  • 03It is designed with embedded system and built-in welding expert database, available to call corresponding welding parameters according to access level;
  • 04The system is able to call corresponding parameters automatically according to position of welding head to realize smooth transition and precise all position welding;
  • 05Interface of Wifi and bar code scanning gun are reserved, it is capable of providing remote technical services and data in the clouds to realize convenient real time quality control.

Main Technical Parameters

Model A-300X
Product ID 4300000000
Applicable pipe diameter > Φ500 mm
Number of sections
in every group
1~180 sections
Wire feeding speed 2.5~25 m/min
Travelling speed 0.1~1.5 m/min
Oscillation mode Pendulum oscillation
Oscillation width of welding torch 0~20 mm
Weight of wire spool 2.7 kg/5.5kg
Ambient temperature -40~55℃
Altitude 4000m
IP Rating IP54
Weight 22.5kg
Dimensions (W×L×H) 440mm×495mm×300mm

Configuration display

A-300x-System diagram

our cases

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