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MD-550 Multi-process Diesel Engine Driven Welder

Function: Model A: GTAW (lift arc), SMAW,GMAW, FCAW-GS, FCAW-SS, carbon arc gouging
Model B: GTAW (lift arc), SMAW


Product characteristics

  • 01Double welding power sources, two welding outputs by one machine;
  • 02Diesel engine driven, one click operation, microcomputer monitoring, automatic protection and alarm;
  • 03Data acquisition and transmission system, supporting WIFI, 4G, etc.
  • 04High performance DSP chip is used for power source and arc control, precise control of droplet transfer, reduction of spatter, strong product consistency;
  • 05Good human-computer interactive operation interface, convenient unified adjustment, and multiple sets of process parameters are stored for calling;
  • 06Lift arc striking arc when GTAW process is applied, which does not generate high frequency voltage and has no electromagnetic interference;
  • 07The built-in unified parameter expert database system will automatically call the best welding process parameters when regulating only welding current;
  • 08Min. welding current 70A when GMAW process is applied, stable and reliable welding, arc energy concentration, deep penetration;
  • 09It has a good welding experience of wide regulation range of welding parameters, minimal spatters, stable arc and good adaptability to extended wire length;
  • 10The speed of slow wire feeding can be adjusted to ensure the success rate of arc starting; the parameters of arc starting can be adjusted to ensure the appropriate parameters of arc starting and reduce defects;
  • 11The parameters of arc stopping are adjustable, with the function of removing molten ball when stopping arc so as to avoid the risk of molten ball at the end of wire and wire sticking caused by arc stopping;
  • 12Automatic welding controller interface and robot control interface are available to realize automatic welding.

Main Technical Parameters

Model MD-550
Product ID 4128000000
Welder Output
Electrode Holder A B
Rated Duty Cycle 60%
Max. Open-Circuit Voltage 87V
Preflow Time 0~15.0s
Postflow Time 0~15.0s
Initial Slope Time 0~15.0s
Final Slope Time 0~15.0s
Output Current Range 10~400A(Only A) 10~200A


Auxiliary Power Supply 1×3~380V/17kVA/60Hz

Engine Model

Perkins 404D-22G

Engine Rated Output Power

Load Fuel Consumption ≤0.292L/kWh
Displacement 2.216L
Cooling System Water cooled
Ambient Temperature -20~55℃
Altitude 4000m
IP Rating IP23
Fuel Tank Capacity 70L
Weight 600kg
Dimensions (W×L×H) 810mm×1700mm×1120mm

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