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DI series ultra-high definition deformation detector

It is used to detect pipeline passing ability before pipeline deformation detection or pipeline magnetic flux leakage internal detection, so as to prevent blockage and detection safety accidents of magnetic flux leakage internal detector.


Product characteristics

  • 01Xionggu DI series deformation detector uses advanced micro electromagnetic technology and mechanical arm to detect pipeline deformation.
  • 02The deformation detector has a strong pipeline deformation passing capacity.
  • 03It can detect the characteristics of pipe sections, bent pipes, three way pipings, miters, welds, etc. and it is able to pass the pipeline with deformation by 20%.
  • 04TThe detector is designed with capability of fast detection up to 15m/s to improve detection efficiency and reduce loss caused by flow regulation.
  • 05 The maximum detection mileage at one time can reach 200 km, and IMU can be installed for inertial navigation to measure the pipeline centerline.

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