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A-800 Automatic Internal Pipeline Welding Machine

Function:suitable for automatic internal circumferential seam welding of pip joints with GMAW welding process.

Configuration:host, central control system, read rod assembly, welding power source adapter and welding power source (optional)


Product characteristics

  • 01Meet requirement of precise internal circumferential seam welding of root pass, one click operation;
  • 02Multiple torches welding simultaneously, high welding speed, good weld quality;
  • 03It is designed with embedded system and built-in welding expert database;
  • 04Interface of Wifi and bar code scanning gun are reserved, it is capable of providing remote technical services and data in the clouds to realize convenient real time quality control;
  • 05Dedicated digital welding power source is used for the system.

Main Technical Parameters

Model A-806 A-808 A-810
Product ID 4306000000 4308000000 4309000000
Applicable Pipe Outer Diameter 40" (Φ1016mm) 48"
Quantity of Torch 6 8
Travelling Speed 0~900(mm/s)
Wire Diameter Φ0.8mm~Φ1.0mm
Compressed Gas Pressure 1.4 MPa
System Working Pressure 1.0-1.4 MPa
IP Rating IP54
Ambient Temperature -20~55℃ It is necessary to make customized version for extreme low temperature
Altitude 4000m
L×W×H (mm) 900 ×900×5180 1050 ×1050 ×5360 1300×1300×5160
Weight 1900kg 2550kg 3250kg

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