SELLER is in the business of manufacturing welding machine and welding automation and their accessories and consumables under XIONGGU ELECTRICAL brand specializing in pipeline welding.


    The BUYER has the capability to distribute and sell product categories of SELLER and can achieve the sales volume target for and agree XIONGGU ELECTRICAL to be the only supplier as Chinese origin manufacturer of welding machine.


Price will be updated order by order, but the SELLER agreed to keep the price unchanged if there is not big raw material price changing or other issues.



The manufacturer provides year warranty time from the date of shipment.

Normal wear items, Mig gun parts (contactor tips, nozzle, diffuser, Mig gun liner),driver roll, electrode holder, are not covered under warranty.




The SELLER will help the buyer to set up the product range and offer the best price to Buyer to help them develop the market. The BUYER will help to collect the market information to work together with SELLER to set up the correct product range.

If the BUYER wants to set up the show room, the SELLER will provide sample machines free of cost for display at the showroom.

For current customers and new customers the SELLER will forward all enquiries received from the agreed territory to the BUYER, The BUYER will be responsible to complete all needed business trasactions. The SELLER agrees that it will not sell any equipment to any person or entity within the territory from the date of validity of this agreement.

The BUYER must take care to provide good service of the customers of the SELLER’s product.

The BUYER will invest to do the service to the product which got from the SELLER. The SELER will provide proper training as required and requested by the BUYER.


The XIONGGU ELECTRICAL brand is owned by the SELLER. The buyer undertake that it will not in any way infringe or harm the intellectual right of SELLER including its trading name and trading markets.

All the design of the machine owned by the SELLER, the BUYER is not allowed to show the product to other manufacturer to copy the machine and harm the market.