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A-305 Single Torch Automatic External Pipeline Welding System

Product Introduction

Function: It is suitable for root pass, hot pass, filling and capping of pipe joint welding with GMAW, FCAW-GS and GTAW welding processes in the field. It is capable of conducting all position welding of various workpieces when installed on various bands.

Configuration:Welding head, adapter, portable panel, control cables, band (optional), welding power source (to be selected according to specific welding process)

Product characteristics

  • 01Chinese/English/Russian language interface;
  • 02Height of welding head is lower, it is more suitable for pipe prefabrication which has a limit for space.
  • 03The machine is operated via portable panel to reduce the welder's labor intensity.
  • 04It is designed with built-in welding expert database, available to call corresponding welding parameters according to access level;
  • 05The system realize smooth transition of welding parameters of various passes and precise all position welding;
  • 06Interface of Wifi and bar code scanning gun are reserved, it is capable of providing remote technical services and data in the clouds to realize convenient real time quality control.
  • 07Automatic arc tracking (optional) function is reserved.
  • 08One welding head is able to complete the pipe joint when welding small diameter pipe.
  • 09The system is capable of welding pipe of diameter larger than 168mm and all position welding of workpiece with cambered surface and flat surface when various bands/tracks is installed.
  • 10The system is compatible with many kinds of analogue or digital welding power source.

Main Technical Parameters

Model A-305
Product ID 4354000000
Applicable pipe diameter > Φ 168 mm
Travelling speed 0.1~1.5 m/min
Wire feeding speed 2.5~25 m/min
Number of sections in every group 1~180 Sections
Oscillation width of torch 0~20 mm
Torch oscillation Linear/pendulum oscillation
Weight of wire spool 2.7kg/5kg
Ambient temfdperature -40~55℃
Altitude 4000m
IP Rating IP54
Weight 13.5kg
Dimensions (L×W×H) 600mm×350mm×250mm

Configuration display

A-305-System diagram

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