Xionggu Electrical Attends the First Enlarged Session of The Second Council of Sichuan International Chamber of Commerce for Machinery Industry

2020-01-10 14:06:29 www.xg1992.com

As executive member representatives from Xionggu Electrical attended the first enlarged session of the second council of Sichuan International Chamber of Commerce for Machinery Industry on 8thJanuary, 2020. The secretary general made the summary report of year 2019 and plan for year 2020 in the session. The session also passed relevant bills including nomination of vice secretary general and revision of rules and regulations.

Xionggu Electrical

Representatives from Xionggu Electrical had conversation with secretary general about schedule of opening internal training course for Xionggu staff in the first half year of 2020. With the continuous expansion of foreign trade, more and more enterprises obtain the license of import and export business. In view of the situation that it is difficult for foreign trade business personnel of some enterprises to handle foreign trade affairs, it is planned by the Chamber of Commerce to hold 1-2 foreign trade practice operation training courses in the second quarter of year 2020. The main training period is 5-7 days for foreign trade personnel and managers in charge of foreign trade. Training courses include: latest foreign trade policies, international contract terms, import and export business procedures, import and export goods declaration, import and export goods transportation and insurance, international settlement, international financing, export credit insurance, international e-commerce application. Invite experts from relevant government departments, customs, commodity inspection, foreign exchange management, universities and foreign trade companies to give lectures. This short-term training will help enterprises and relevant leaders and business personnel to have operational ability in import and export business.

Xionggu Electrical has been engaged in R&D development pipeline welding machine for more than 20 years, whose product line covers semi-automatic pipeline welding machine and automatic welding machine. Xionggu automatic all position pipeline welding machine has been applied on large scale in pipeline project in China, Thailand, Saudi Arabia. Xionggu Electrical will move steadily to develop international market by introducing full range of pipeline welding solution to international pipeline contractors.

Xionggu Electrical