The First All-position Automatic Welding Competition for Pipeline -2019Arc Cup International Welding Competition

2019-09-07 16:27:01 

Yestoday brings the beginning of the All-position Automatic Welding Competition for Pipeline at Langfang, Hebei, China. It’s the opening contest of 2019 Arc Cup International Welding Competition and also an important Competition project of china selection competition for 2019 BRICS Skills Challenge, which is aim to build an international cooperation platform, speed up the training of the welding talents, promote and strengthen the technical welding level.

All-position Automatic Welding

564 welders from 11 countries participated in the Competition, such as Russia, Vietnam, Iran and Indian.

All-position Automatic Welding

The competitors need finished the welding of the pipeline in 80 minutes. The competition project include 2 parts, one is all-position automatic welding for pipeline, the other is process programming. The detail are as below:

1.All-position automatic welding for pipeline

(1) Test piece description: pipe butt joint welds with V-shape groove;

(2) Size: Φ530×10×1000mm pipe fittings;

(3) Material: X52 pipeline steel;

(4) Welding process: automatic gas shielded flux cored arc welding in upward position.

2. Process programming

The setting of procedure parameters includes wire feeding speed, welding voltage, swing frequency, swing width, zoning angle, gas flow and so on.

All-position Automatic Welding

Xionggu is the only official flag provider of the automatic pipeline welding machine .We wish a big success for All-position Automatic Welding Competition and all the competitor a good performance.