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Xionggu--Xin-Yue-Zhe Coal Gasification Gas Pipeline case

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Xionggu--Xin-Yue-Zhe Coal Gasification Gas Pipeline case
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According to Xionggu,Sinopec Xingjiang coal gasification gas pipeline includes 1 mainline and 5 branch lines. The main pipeline starts at Mulei first station in Xinjiang and ends at Shaoguan last station in Guangdong Province. The length of the main pipeline is 4159 km, the diameter of the pipeline is 1219 mm, pressure is 12 MPa, and capacity is 30 billion m3/a. Xionggu DPS-500 and MPS-500 welding machines have been applied in batch. All newly ordered welding machine are supplied by Xionggu. 1 pc of A-810/40 internal welding machine and 10 pcs of A-610 automatic external welding machines have been applied. 


Xionggu Electrical Co., Ltd is a High-tech enterprise located in high-tech zone in Chengdu city. It is engaged in R&D, producing and sales of intelligent welding system, inverter and engine-driven welding equipment, and providing professional solutions to cross country pipeline welding.


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