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Xionggu pipeline automatic welding machine shines in pipeline network construction

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Xionggu pipeline automatic welding machine shines in pipeline network construction
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The overall pipeline of the main line pipeline project in the Xinjiang section of the "West-East Gas Pipeline" fourth-line natural gas pipeline project, with a total length of 583 kilometers, has been officially completed after more than a year of construction and welding. The entire project is expected to be completed in October 2024. From January to September 2023, the new main oil and gas pipeline network, a key project in China's oil and gas development plan, has successfully exceeded 2,500 kilometers. Xionggu Pipeline Automatic Welding Machine is fortunate to play an important role in this construction, welding these 2,500 kilometers of pipelines made a contribution.

automatic pipeline welding

 Xionggu Company adheres to the marketing concept of "customer-oriented, creating value together" and wholeheartedly creates a complete pre-sales and after-sales service system and technical support for customers, shining a bright light and fulfilling its responsibility for the country's pipeline projects. See our automatic internal pipeline welding machine and (single and double torch) automatic pipeline welding machine passing through desolate deserts and fertile plains, leaving beautiful weld marks on the pipe walls, connecting pipelines that are winding like giant dragons. Get up, there is nothing more exciting than this.

automatic pipeline welding

 After more than thirty years of development, Xionggu Company started from a small factory and gradually achieved leap-forward development. Through unremitting efforts and outstanding strength, Xionggu got the opportunity to show his talents on the land of his motherland and won widespread praise and recognition in the pipeline welding industry. At the same time, the application of automatic pipeline welding machines plays a vital role in the construction of national oil and gas pipelines, and is a booster to achieve a double leap in welding efficiency and quality. Xionggu Company will continue to strive for innovation in the future and contribute more to the construction of more pipelines at home and abroad.


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