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Xionggu Electrical reinvents new training model of pipeline automatic welding machines

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Xionggu Electrical reinvents new training model of pipeline automatic welding machines
View:- Date:2019-07-23 16:31:15

With the specialization and standardization of pipeline prefabrication technology in China, automatic welding technology has been adopted in the pipeline Russia-China eastern natural gas pipeline project. Compared with the traditional manual welding, the automatic welding technology has the advantages of convenient movement, high outdoor production efficiency, stable welding quality, strong adaptability to welding environment and so on, which greatly improves the construction speed of cross country pipelines.

pipeline automatic welding machines

With the continuous development of pipeline automatic welding technology, more and more welders begin to realize that it’s important to master the automatic welding technology. At present, there are many training institutions for pipeline automatic welding technology in the market, they are mainly concentrated in large state-owned welding and training centers. Because of the expensive equipment of automatic welding machines, many training institutions is not able to provide automatic welding training. For this reason,Xionggu Electricalhas started a new training mode of pipeline automatic welding, aiming at bringing better welding training service to welders.

Yesterday, Director Ma of Chengdu Technician College (hereinafter referred to as Technician College) visited Xionggu Electrical. Based on the topic of pipeline automatic welding training, the two sides reached consensus on such cooperation matters as special training of Xionggu employees, training base for welders and training of automatic welding technology for students majoring in welding. Technician College is located in Hongguang Town, Pidu District, Chengdu, less than 10 kilometers away from Xionggu Electrical. It is a state-level key technical school sponsored by the Chengdu Municipal People's Government. It has been awarded "National Demonstration Base for Training High-skilled Talents", "National Training Base for High-skilled Talents in Mechanical and Electrical Projects", "National Advanced Units of Vocational Education" and "Advanced Collective of National Education System".

pipeline automatic welding machines

pipeline automatic welding machines

In the future, the Technicians Collegue will serve as the training base of Xionggu pipeline automatic welding machine in Chengdu, and jointly carry out relevant application training of pipeline automatic welding technology. It is reasonable to believe that through in-depth cooperation betweenXionggu Electricaland technicians college, the two sides will share resources and complement each other's advantages, and will certainly train more professionals of pipe automatic welding for welders, welding schools and social enterprises.

pipeline automatic welding machines