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Xionggu Company 2024 Work Conference

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Xionggu Company 2024 Work Conference
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At 9 a.m. on February 18, 2024, all employees of Xionggu Company gathered to participate in the companys highly anticipated 2024 work conference. This annual event serves as a platform for the company's leadership to comprehensively summarize the company's work from the previous year and to outline the strategic direction for the year ahead. This year's conference proved to be particularly remarkable as it was graced by the presence of esteemed guest speakers from the renowned Kumagai Corporation.


The conference kicked off with Chairman Xiong Jian giving a comprehensive overview of the company's achievements from 2023. He highlighted three key aspects of the company's performance-marketing, product work, and management work. Despite the numerous challenges faced in 2023, Xionggu Company witnessed the emergence of a large number of outstanding individuals and teams. The 2023 Outstanding Individual and Team Awards were presented to colleagues who had demonstrated exceptional dedication and excellence in their respective roles, underscoring the company's commitment to recognizing and rewarding outstanding contributions.

Following the reflection on the accomplishments of the past year, Chairman Xiong Jian proceeded to outline the company's strategic focus areas for 2024, which included market development, product development, management work, and infrastructure construction.

Xionggu, which has been established for 32 years, will continue to bring more excellent welding solutions to global pipeline project construction and has brought impressive results to pipeline construction!

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