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The first crude oil pipeline-Xionggu talk about pipeline

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The first crude oil pipeline-Xionggu talk about pipeline
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Today, Xionggu, the manufacturer of the automatic pipeline welding machine, is going to tell you the story of the first crude oil pipeline in China, "KD crude oil pipeline" is the abbreviation of Karamay -Dushanzi crude oil pipeline, which is a long-distance crude oil pipeline from Karamay Oilfield to Dushanzi .


On Oct 29, 1955, the Karamay No 1 Well struck oil, symbolizing the birth of Karamay Oilfield, the first big oilfield of New China. Karamay oil field is located in the northwestern fringe of the Junggar Basin in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. The first well is "KD-1" near the black oil mountain in Karamay. There is an asphalt hill called " black oil hill ",or ‘’Karamayin‘’in uygur language, is like a mountain spring flow out with the black oil. Karamay oil field made a very important contribution to China in the early days of the people's Republic of China.


Dushanzi's petrochemical industry started from oil exploitation and developed by refining production. As early as 1909 before the birth of Karamay oil field, Dushanzi successfully drilled the first oil well (the well is located on the north slope of Dushanzi mud volcano, with limited reserves and abandoned). Since then, it has opened the prelude to Xinjiang's modern petroleum industry. On October 17, 1936, Dushanzi Refinery was established and opened Crude oil refining. Now Dushanzi Petrochemical Company is a world-class enterprise integrating refining and chemical industry. Its raw materials are mainly from Karamay oil field. Therefore, the "Kedu" crude oil pipeline has been built.


Karamay Dushanzi crude oil pipeline is the earliest crude oil pipeline built in China. Total three pipelines have been built. The first pipeline in 147.2km length and 159mm diameter of the main pipe. Pipes are made of 20 seamless steel , with a design working pressure of 6.5MPa and a transportation capacity of 530000t / A. The whole project just took seven months. It was been completed on December 27, 1958 and put into operation on January 10, 1959. With the increase of production in Karamay Oilfield, the second and third Kedu crude oil pipelines were built in 1962 and 1991, respectively. At present, the second and third pipelines are still in operation, but the first one was already out of service.