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Strict quality management of outsourcing parts of Xionggu automatic internal welding machine

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Strict quality management of outsourcing parts of Xionggu automatic internal welding machine
View:- Date:2020-02-19 15:33:28

Quality is the foundation of an enterprise. Xionggu company has always adhered to the quality concept of strict quality and continuous improvement, and constantly improved every detail of product quality.From the beginning of 2019 till now, in order to continuously improve quality of outsourcing parts of automatic internal welding machine, Xionggu company has made improvements in the past year in following aspects:

In terms of welding quality of parts of machine: make standards related to welding quality of parts, and execute conformity to the standards, among R&D, inspection, production and suppliers. There are unified requirements and standards for weld position, weld length, weld forming and welding methods. Now the parts of automatic welding machine are not only welded firmly, but also welded with good overall consistency and beautiful appearance.

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Appearance: Painting of structural parts of internal welding machine such as cone head, main frame, air tank has been changed from the original car paint to using outdoor plastic powder coating, which brings much better surface quality! After baking at 200 ° high temperature, the plastic powder has strong adhesion, high hardness of powder film and good coverage, which can withstand the test of no discoloration of appearance in field environment for more than 5 years.

In terms of quality inspection instrument: Xionggu Electrical has purchased three coordinate detector, VMS image measuring instrument, hardness tester, shore hardness tester and other instrument. The accuracy and hardness of core parts of the internal welding machine are tested by the double confirmation principle, which meet the requirements of technical drawings.

Assembly of the machine: assembly is not only the assembly of parts, but also the preparatory work, such as parts cleaning, auxiliary fixture tooling, professional tools, etc. The preparation work makes the assembly of internal welding machine more smooth and perfect.

A qualified internal welding machine not only relies on excellent technology design, but also needs cooperation between different departments, such as, procurement department, inspection, production and so on. It is our greatest honor that final product quality can meet the satisfaction needs of customers.

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