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Multi-dimensional Quality Management of Xionggu Pipeline Welding Machine

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Multi-dimensional Quality Management of Xionggu Pipeline Welding Machine
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With the increasingly market competition, how to improve product quality and meet customer requirement is task for every company to think over. Xionggu Electrical is no exception. We establish and implement an effective quality management system and take effective quality control measures to improve product quality and control the whole process related to quality. For more than 20 years, Xionggu has been devoted to the manufacture and development of pipeline welding machines. We care about every detail in the manufacturing process of pipeline welding machines.

Xionggu Pipeline Welding Machine

We take good care of the quality from the aspects of design, research and development of pipeline welding machines, purchase of raw materials, manufacture, inspection and so on. Among them, the design process of pipeline welding machines determines its congenital quality, because once the product drawings and technical specifications are formed, the congenital quality of products has basically formed. The subsequent steps of material procurement, production, manufacturing and inspection are to ensure the realization of the design requirements, even if the manufactured products meet the design quality requirements, in the subsequent links, there is almost no possibility to further improve the congenital quality of products.

Xionggu Pipeline Welding Machine

Therefore, from the beginning of design and development of pipeline welding machines, we pay close attention to quality management. The engineers involved in development and design of pipeline welding machine compiles design documents synchronously, explains the design scheme, and strengthens the evaluation of the design scheme. Through the relevant evaluation of the design scheme, the design quality and manufacturing feasibility of the product can be evaluated, so as to make the design congenital as far as possible. Defects are eliminated in the budding state.

When there is a need to make major modifications to the design scheme of pipeline welding machines, we will organize a design modification review meeting under the leadership of the welding machine project, which is composed of design and development department, manufacturing department, quality management department and after-sales service department, so as to make full use of the modification requirement and improvement scheme of the welder. Discuss, and strive to quickly convey the positioning idea of welder quality to design and development personnel.

Xionggu Pipeline Welding Machine

The key point of quality management in the procurement stage of pipeline welding machines raw materials lies in the evaluation and selection of raw material suppliers, whose evaluation items include raw material quality, price, service and delivery time. The review of supplier's raw material quality is the top priority, and the real-time monitoring of supplier's quality assurance ability.

Xionggu Pipeline Welding Machine