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Functions and Features of All Position Pipeline Automatic Welding Machine

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Functions and Features of All Position Pipeline Automatic Welding Machine
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All position pipeline automatic welding machine is a kind of welding equipment that can realize all position automatic welding. How does it achieve all position welding? By integrating angle sensor into the equipment control system, the welding parameters can be preset for each layer. The welding parameters of pipeline change smoothly with welding position (accurate to 1 °), thus the stability and quality of welding are improved.

Pipeline Automatic Welding Machine

In addition, it also uses embedded computer technology, and the parameter is controlled by the software, which realizes the precise control of welding voltage, welding current, head travel speed, wire feeding speed, shielding gas flow and other parameters. The remote control system is based on mobile Internet. The equipment has QR code scanning function, which can realize remote welding parameter monitoring and equipment fault diagnosis. Arc tracking technology based on welding power source and automatic welding system is developed. Through theoretical calculation and simulation, the mathematical model of arc tracking is established, and a two degree of freedom automatic tracking control system is designed, which improves the anti-interference ability of automatic arc tracking of pipeline external welding, and is the basic guarantee of realizing automatic dual torch welding (it is difficult to monitor two welding torches at the same time by operators).


Features of all position pipeline automatic welding:

It has the advantages of high welding automation, fast welding speed, good welding quality consistency, beautiful welding seam surface.

It can effectively replace manual welding and reduce the dependence on welder operation technology. To avoid the influence of various human factors during manual welding, such as physical condition, working mood, proficiency, ensure the consistency and reliability of welding, and effectively solve the shortage of welders in some enterprises.

Pipeline Automatic Welding Machine

It can also greatly reduce the management cost and the number of operators. As long as the equipment is maintained in place, it can be used indefinitely, thus reducing the cost of enterprise personnel and effectively improving the competitiveness of enterprises.