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Development History of Xionggu DPS-500 Inverter Welding Power Source

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Development History of Xionggu DPS-500 Inverter Welding Power Source
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In 2009, Xionggu company began to work on the research and development of digital welding power source. After four years, a full digital welding power source has with 50kHz switching frequency had been successfully developed. With Max. current 500A, DPS-500 is designed with advanced soft switch phase-shifting full bridge topology, high-speed DSP and CPLD digital control, excellent power dynamic response and accurate current control, which makes this welding power source able to achieve more complicated welding process.


But at that time, the main welding process of cross country pipeline project was only cellulose stick welding + self-shielded flux cored wire welding, and very few customer would choose the welding process of metal powder cored wire to do root pass welding + filling & capping passes done by pulsed welding. There was no chance for this inverter welding power source to show its ability. Until 2016 DPS-500P welding power source worked with Xionggu A-610 automatic pipeline welding machine successfully in Daqing Welding Training Center for the first time, this welding power source was gradually known by people, and finally became the main welding power source in Xionggu automatic welding machine.

Xionggu DPS-500 Inverter Welding Power Source

Xionggu constantly summed up the problems encountered in the welding process and widely collected customers’ opinions. Through a large number of process experiments and research, we upgraded welding process program of DPS-500P in 2018. The newly upgraded pulsed welding technology can control the peak current more accurately and in real time, which can reduce the droplet size and accelerate the droplet transfer frequency. As the probability of big droplet blasting is reduced, the welding stability and spatter amount are improved obviously, the welding porosity is reduced, and weld forming is also improved obviously. According to engineering of in natural gas pipeline project and in the fifth natural gas pipeline project in Thailand, the qualified rate has been significantly improved compared with that before, which approached or even surpassed the qualified rated done by welding equipment of famous international brand.

Xionggu DPS-500 Inverter Welding Power Source

Xionggu DPS-500 Inverter Welding Power Source