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Customer from Middle East Visits Xionggu Electrical to Review Automatic Pipeline Welding Machine

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Customer from Middle East Visits Xionggu Electrical to Review Automatic Pipeline Welding Machine
View:- Date:2019-07-11 16:41:07

On June 10, 2019, Mr. Muhamad, a welding expert from a famous engineering company in the Middle East visited Xionggu Electrical to review Xionggu automatic pipeline welding machines. Guest reviewed production line, technology center, and environmental test equipments which are placed in workshop of welding machine assembly line. The guests appreciate the works done by Xionggu electrical to ensure the quality of welding machines. 

xionggu Automatic Welding Machine

As the focus of the visit, Automatic Welding Division workshop also arranged a wonderful welding demonstration of various automatic pipeline welding machines. The guest was very much impressed by excellent arc tracking performance of the dual torch external automatic welding machine. After the visit, the guests expressed their gratitude to Xionggu Company for their warm reception. 

xionggu Pipeline Welding Machine

The pipeline construction in the Middle East has a large demand for automatic pipe welding machines. Guest expected that Xionggu pipeline welding machine participate in and play an active role in the construction of pipeline engineering in Middle East.

xionggu Pipeline Welding Machine

Xionggu pipeline welding machine system adopts the technology of root pass of pipe joint being done by inner welding machine, the welding qualification rate of the root pass is improved a lot compared with the technology of root pass being done by external welding machine, which brings tangible economic benefits to the customers. 

xionggu Welding Machine

The dual torch automatic welding machine also uses the leading arc tracking technology in China to improve the weld bead formation and qualification rate. These characteristics meet the demands of customers in the Middle East for the speed and quality of pipeline construction, and also meet the willingness of the clients to build up pipelines to start oil and gas transmission as early as possible. While supporting the construction of several key pipeline projects in China, Xionggu automatic pipeline welding machines are also gradually moving towards the Middle East market. It has successfully participated in the construction of the gathering pipeline project in Babu Oilfield of the United Arab Emirates and the Ras Tanura pipeline project of Saudi Arabia. Excellent performance has been unanimously recognized by the clients and EPC contractors.


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