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“Customer First“ of Six Core Values of Xionggu Electrical

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"Customer First" is the first of the six core values of Xionggu Electrical. In addition to providing perfect products, providing quality after-sales service is also the core competence. The technical service team ofXionggu Electricalnot only has excellent technology, but also constantly promotes the spirit and strives to implement the company's core values to provide customers with fast technical support.

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With the issuance of 5G commercial licenses by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, the interconnection of all things has entered the 5G first year. In order to ensure the safety of China's pipelines, according to the requirements of clients, the welding data of the welding machine should be monitored comprehensively during the construction of Yangjiang branch line. The technicians ofXionggu Electricaldevelop, test and put into operation the data transmission system night and day, then follow up installation and commissioning.

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There is a big gap between ideal condition and reality. It was thought that the data acquisition system of 20 welding machines could be installed in two or three days, but the operation process encountered difficulties. What is the matter?

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The original installation of the system can not affect the progress of construction, so only take advantage of the noon rest of the welders, shuttle in the muddy field in the hot sun, lift down the welder one after another, install the system, change the procedures, so repeatedly, in order to enable customers to use the data transmission system as soon as possible, Xionggu electrical service team lives, eats and travels in the construction site, and commutes with the field personnel, as long as there is an opportunity to do everything possible to install and debug the system without affecting the site construction.

It is believed that under the guidance of the company's core values, employees of Xionggu Electrical will use practical actions to practice the company's core values one by one and create more value for customers than they expected.

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