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Battling pandemic together-Xionggu diesel welder support Thailand pipeline project

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Battling pandemic together-Xionggu diesel welder support Thailand pipeline project
View:- Date:2020-04-24 13:40:48

Since Xionggu company returned back to work on February 7, the protective measures have been continuously upgraded, with both production and defense. Chairman Xiong Jian called us to treat the epidemic "Strategically we despise virus and tactically we take them seriously". Although ordinary people can't fight on the frontline like medical workers when the epidemic comes, But we can strictly following quarantine measures and do what we can do best in self-protection anddevote our effortsin our own position.

Xionggu diesel welder

Xionggu company not only does well in the epidemic fighting, but also helps to satisfied customer’s requirements of global oil and gas pipeline construction .In order to ensure that Xionggu diesel power welding machine can be sent to Thailand smoothly and on time, participate in the construction of Thai pipeline project, The technician improve the drawings, the purchaser find the best suppliers with short time and good quality, the international trade department gets through the logistics, production department double confirms the packaging scheme. With all the efforts of xionggu’s team and uniting to face the challenge together, we finally finished the 2 Thailand orders and the domestic requirements.

When Xonggu’s MD-1100CC/CV diesel welding machine arrived at Thailand, all of them, engine driven welding machines, semi-automatic welding machine and full-automatic pipeline welding machine, have participated in the construction of oil and gas pipeline in the northeast of Thailand. From power generation welding machine, semi-automatic welding machine to full-automatic pipe welding machine. All the welders have been used in different construction environments and highly recognized by users.

Xionggu diesel welder

As the first choice of welding equipment for long-distance pipeline construction , MD-1100CC/CV diesel welding workstation, it’s a assembly equipment with integrates power generation, mobile car, tool box and welding equipment. At the same time, it also have a lot of welding functions, such like SMAW(cellulose electrode), SMAW(low hydrogen electrode), argon arc welding(TIG), FCAW-SS and so on.