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Application of Arc Tracking Welding in Pipeline Project

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Application of Arc Tracking Welding in Pipeline Project
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Welding is the important process in cross country pipeline construction. Welding quality will affect safe operation of pipeline. Seam tracking control is the key factor to improve welding quality and production efficiency. For the oscillating arc sensor of seam tracking system, it is one of the key points to extract welding arc parameter signal of deviation signal of in the welding process. Oscillating arc sensor seam tracking system is built based on working principle of oscillating arc sensor. Excessive spatters, arc light, fumes, short circuit during welding will affect collected welding current signal, which makes the signal a lot of noise.

 Seam tracking control

In the process of welding, many signal characteristics of welding arc can reflect the situation of welding process. Therefore, to study the characteristic signal of welding arc is to study the whole welding process. Automatic welding seam tracking system is generally composed of following parts: seam tracking sensor system, automatic control system, tracking control actuator. The tracking and sensing of welding seam is to convert the measured welding parameter signals into corresponding electrical signals, so that it can realize the requirements of information processing and control for seam tracking. The automatic control system is to analyze and process the signal from the sensor, so that the sensor signal can be transformed into a control signal that can be used directly. The tracking actuator is composed of the corresponding motors and mechanism controlled by the control system so that the actuator can complete the corresponding action to achieve the tracking purpose.

Arc Tracking Welding

Xionggu dual torch automatic external welding machine also uses the leading arc tracking technology in China to improve the weld bead formation and qualification rate. These characteristics meet the demands of customers in the Middle East for the speed and quality of pipeline construction, and also meet the willingness of the clients to build up pipelines to start oil and gas transmission as early as possible. While supporting the construction of several key pipeline projects in China, Xionggu automatic pipeline welding machines are also gradually moving towards the Middle East market. It has successfully participated in the construction of the gathering pipeline project in Babu Oilfield of the United Arab Emirates and the Ras Tanura pipeline project of Saudi Arabia. Excellent performance has been unanimously recognized by the clients and EPC contractors.

Arc Tracking Welding