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Advantages of All Position Automatic Welding

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Advantages of All Position Automatic Welding
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Nowadays automatic pipeline welding become more and more popular in pipeline project in China. Xionggu Electrical is a leading company in automatic pipeline welding machine R&D and manufacture. The advantages of Xionggu all position automatic pipeline welding technology is widely acknowledged by clients. The shielding gas used for all position automatic pipeline welding is mixed gas CO2+ Argon, downhill welding. The welding process parameters, such as wire feeding speed, welding speed and oscillation frequency are input by the welding parameter input device. The welder can only modify some parameters in a certain range (most parameters can't be modified), so as to ensure the consistency of welding parameters of each welding machine and each welded pipe joint and ensure the welding quality.

All Position Automatic Welding

All Position Automatic Welding

Generally speaking, advantages of Xionggu automatic pipeline welding machine as follows:

1. High Efficiency

The characteristics of automatic welding are that the welding wire can be fed in continuously, the welding wire can be deposited quickly, the time for the welder to change electrode or position is reduced, the weld is easy to clean, and the welding efficiency can be increased by 3-4 times compared with manual welding.

2. High Quality

With flux cored or solid wire and shielding gas, excellent welding quality can be obtained. The welding is almost independent from the welder's technical level. The weld bead is well formed and has few defects, especially on the large diameter and wall thickness pipelines.

3. Low Labor Intensity

Automatic welding technology can significantly reduce the labor intensity of welders, while the welding process is stable, with small spatters and less fume, greatly improve welding working environment.

4.Technology is easy to master

The welding operation is mechanized and automatic, and open arc wleding operation is easy to master.

All Position Automatic Welding